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Alex (First Officer, France): passed the easyJet selection after taking the Aviation Interview Preparation course
"I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for the work you did with me in preparing for my airline interviews. Your advice was right on target and proved invaluable as I went through the various interviews. One of the most useful aspects of our coaching sessions was how you helped me identify my weaknesses and structure my answers with the STAR system and in the same time keeping it fluent and natural.
I am happy to share that I received acceptance from many UK airlines thanks to our work.
Our coaching sessions were essential to my success during these interviews.
Thank you again for your great work with me."

Thais (Student, Angola): took a semi-intensive 4 week Introduction to Aviation course in Oxford
"I really enjoyed the 4 weeks of the course. Now that I started Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Florida, USA) I feel much more confident because most of the material that I am studying now, I learned on my course in Oxford, which is a big advantage for me. 
Thank you Polly and Jenny for everything."

José (Captain, Spain): took an intensive 1 week Aviation English course in Oxford
"I found great professional teachers who lead you easily to improve your English skills and in a friendly way.
Great experience I strongly recommend."

Dastan (Captain, Kazakhstan): achieved ICAO Level 5 after taking 20 lessons on Skype
"I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be your student. In my opinion you are a very professional and experienced teacher. Thank you for helping me to achieve level 5 of aviation English."

Fernando (ATC, Spain): achieved ICAO Level 5 after taking 30 lessons on Skype
"The Aviation English Skype course from English Teacher Oxford is great and the lessons and exercises are very valuable for improving my English. It was almost unbelievable!. Just in 20 lessons my amusing and very professional teachers, (Polly and Jenny), prepared and encouraged me to achieve ICAO English level 5. And I did it!. Many thanks to both of them for this profitable and interesting course."

Andrea (PPL, Germany): achieved ICAO Level 5 after taking an intensive 2 week course in Oxford
"Ready for take-off: A combination of Business English and Aviation English prepared me for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test very well. Both teachers were highly motivating and very encouraging I really enjoyed the stay in Oxford/Woodstock They gave me the "lift" for my English level."

Riadh (Captain, Qatar): achieved ICAO Level 5 after completing the ETO Aviation English self-study course
"I got 5 this time. Thanks very much for your help. Comprehension 6 and the rest 5. Thanks again and have a good day. Riadh."