English pronunciation course 

The course is aimed at people who would like to improve their English pronunciation, reduce their accent and incorporate what they learn into everyday conversations. The course will enable you to make immediate improvements and also give you the tools to continue improving into the future.
How can I improve my English pronunciation?
By focusing on the following, you can improve your pronunciation and start to reduce your accent:
word linking
What will I do in my lessons? 
In your first lesson you will identify the differences between your native language and English, paying particular attention to intonation, stress and rhythm. Future lessons will focus on your individual needs, and may include the following:
mouth movement drills
producing individual phonemes
identifying strong and weak sounds
copying intonation patterns
identifying intrusive sounds
identifying shifting stress
repeating pronunciation drills
Please contact us if you you have further questions.


1:1 Pronunciation courses
Location: Oxford
Lessons: 1 hour +
Duration: 1 week+
Cost: £46.00 per hour
Location: Oxford
Lessons: 25 hours per week
Duration: 1 week +
Accommodation: host family / hotel
Cost:from £1350.00

Skype Courses
Duration : 1 week to 6 months
Lessons: 10, 20 or 30 x 55 minute lessons
Cost: from £380.00

Group pronunciation
Location: Oxford
Starts: Tuesday 10th January 2017
Time: 18.00 to 19.30
Duration: 10 weeks
Class size: 8 maximum
Level: all levels
Cost: £250.00 per person