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I have been teaching English since 2001 and over the years I have taught people of all ages and nationalities. I specialise in Aviation English, Business Englsih, IELTS, and Cultural English. 

I live in Woodstock with my husband, Gary. Our children have now all grown up and flown the nest but we love it when they come back to visit. Gary writes software for the medical industry and works from our office at home. 

Aviation English experience
I started teaching Aviation English in 2008 after teaching an amazing pilot (Ambrosio) from Equatorial Guinea, who told wonderful stories about flying from Malabo to Bata with chickens on board and flying over hippos in the rivers of neighbouring Cameroon. Since then I have taught pilots from TAM, WizzAir, and many other companies and controllers from Sweden and Spain. Each person has their own incredible aviation stories to tell.

Business English experience
One of my favourite teaching jobs has to be teaching Business English in Paris, where I met some amazing people and saw some wonderful parts of Paris that were previously unknown to me. The food was quite good too! During this time, I gained extensive knowledge of the energy sector and about the structure and workings of corporate businesses, as our clients were senior executives from all departments of the company (including HR, finance, audit, sales and marketing, procurement, IT, legal, health and safety).

About me
I love meeting people from different parts of the world and exchanging colourful and interesting stories about life. I also really enjoy showing visitors the sites and delights of Oxford and the surrounding area. I have designed my own personal tour of Oxford and I will be very happy to take you to visit some of Oxford's hidden gems, stopping off in one of the many cafes for a sit down and a bite to eat. Walking round Oxford is thirsty work!

When I'm not teaching I like to keep fit by running, swimming, doing yoga or going to the gym. I also love theatre and cinema and I am always halfway through a book. Family are also very important to me, and we try to get together as often as possible. 

I would like to thank you for reading my profile and really hope to see you in Oxford soon, so I can share my love of the English language and my love of Oxford with you.