Business English Courses

We have worked with many professionals from different industries, including pharmaceuticals, energy, retail, aviation, and agroscience. Our courses are tailor-made and target individual needs, which makes each course unique. 
How can I improve my English Level?
You can improve your English level by taking a course and focusing on the following:
build a bank of industry / job specific vocabulary
gain confidence giving presentations or speaking on the telephone
produce concise yet informative reports / marketing material / emails
improve your listening skills in meetings and on the telephone 
What will I do in the lessons? 
Lessons are interactive and encourage a communicative approach to learning and may include:
listening to non-native English speakers to improve listening in an international context
roleplaying a forthcoming meeting
how to write concisely and accurately without losing the interest of the reader
using phrasal verbs in a particular context



Quick guide to courses

UK Courses:
Location: Oxford
Duration: 1 week+
Lessons: 25 hours per week
Accommodation: host family / hotel
Cost: from £1350.00

Skype Courses:
Duration : 1 week to 6 months
Lessons: 10, 20 or 30 x 55 minute lessons
Cost: from £350.00